Details for Order of Publication- Urquhart v. Bennett


Case No.: CL20000521-00

Peggy Bradley Urquhart,

Trustee of the Betty B. Bennett

Revocable Trust and as Executor of the Estate of Myrtle Borum Bradley,



Estate of Betty B. Bennett,

Estate of Myrtle Borum Bradley,

Nicole Bennett Hedrick (aka Nicole Wood and Nicole Woods),

Adam Burpo,

Tyler Hedrick,

Jaycee Hedrick,

Leland Turpin,

Dixie Woods, and

J. J. Woods,



The object of this action is to seek the Aid and Guidance of the Court for the proper disposition of the distribution of those certain Will/Trust assets of the Estate of Myrtle Borum Bradley and the Betty B. Bennett Revocable Trust (and the Amendments, thereto).

The allegations and bases of the request are set forth in the Petition for Aid and Guidance and Exhibits, thereto, filed in the aforesaid Clerk's Office.

Peggy Bradley Urquhart (hereinafter, "Urquhart"), Trustee of the Betty B. Bennett Revocable Trust, pursuant to the Third Amendment to the Betty B. Bennett Revocable Trust and the Executor and Personal Representative of the Estate of Myrtle Borum Bradley, has made oath in her Affidavit filed in this cause and attached as Exhibit A to Affidavit for Order of Publication that she has no knowledge of any other person clear to be one of Betty B. Bennett's grandchildren, as the term is to be defined by the . Court, other than those defendants named in her Petition for Aid and Gllidance.

Urquhart made further oath that:

A) the following persons and defendants named, whose addresses are unknown, may have possible interests in the Betty B. Bennett Revocable Trust (and Amendments, thereto), and/or the Estate of Myrtle Borum Bradley:

Nicole Bennett Hedrick (aka Nicole Wood and Nicole Woods, hereinafter, "Hedrick"),

Adam Burpo,

Tyler Hedrick,

Jaycee Hedrick,

Leland Turpin,

Dixie Woods, and

J. J. Woods.

B) However, there may also be other persons with unknown names and addresses who are grandchildren of Betty B. Bennett, and, thus, interested in the Trust's assets/distribution(s).

Urquhart's Affidavit having been filed and made that there may be persons with unknown names and/ or addresses who are, in fact, beneficiaries under the subject Will/Trust, it is hereby ORDERED that each of said minor persons appear on or before April 29,2021 at 9:00 a.m., by and through their legal guardian and duly appointed Guardian ad litem to do whatever is necessary to protect their interests, if any, in these proceedings.

It appearing further by Affidavit that the present whereabouts of Hedrick, an adult, are unknown, and that diligence has been used by or on behalf of the Plaintiff to ascertain in what county or city Hedrick currently lives without effect, it is ORDERED that the Defendant Hedrick appear before this Court on or before April 29, 2021 at 9:00 a.m., and protect her interests, herein.

And it is further ORDERED that the above paragraphs be published once a week for four successive weeks in the Star Tribune a newspaper of general circulation in the County of Pittsylvania as the named Defendants have a nexus/connection to Pittsylvania County, and, thus, such newspaper is satisfactory. The Clerk of this Court shall post this Order at the front door of the courthouse and shall mail a copy of this Order to the defendants' Guardian ad litem with addresses as given in the affidavit of the Plaintiff filed, herein.

ENTERED: 3/1/2021

K. Todd Swisher,

Clerk of the Circuit Court

I Ask For This:

Sandra T. Chinn-Gilstrap (VSB #38587)

Clement & Wheatley, A Professional Corporation

549 Main Street

Danville, VA 24541

Telephone: (434) 793-8200

Facsimile: (434) 793-8436


Counsel for Peggy Bradley Urquhart, Petitioner

No objection

Pursuant to Rule 1:13 the following signature is herewith dispensed.

F.E. "Tripp" Isenhour, III (VSB #76871)

Caskie and Frost, P.C.

2306 Atherholt Road

Post Office Box 6320

Lynchburg, VA 24505

Telephone: (434) 846-2731

Facsimile: (434) 816-0496


Guardian ad litem

A Copy. Teste:

K. Todd Swisher, Clerk

Jerry Dellinger, Deputy Clerk


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