Danville Public Schools

Each year, Danville Public Schools allows teachers at every building to vote and recognize their peers for outstanding work in the classroom and in the school community. 

The 2023 Teachers of the Year have been selected and will be honored at a ceremony in April.

The division’s Teachers of the Year for 2023 are as follows:

•Lisa Charmello, Grove Park Preschool

•Tiffany Lancaster, Northside Preschool

•Sheryll Jeffries, E.A. Gibson Elementary

•Jasmine Holdness, Forest Hills Elementary

•Marianne Oakes, G.L.H. Johnson Elementary

•Brittany Custer, Park Avenue Elementary

•Ruth Brown, Schoolfield Elementary

•Judy Brown, Woodberry Hills Elementary

•Tonya Snyder, O.T. Bonner Middle

•LaKisha Brandon, Westwood Middle

•Jared Smith, Galileo Magnet High

•Frenita Griffin, George Washington High

•Christie Yesalavich, I.W. Taylor Virtual Academy

•Taffene DeShazor, R.I.S.E. Academy

•Lucas Tressler, W.W. Moore Education Program

From the 2023 Teachers of the Year, the Danville Public School nomination for the Virginia Department of Education - Mary V. Bicouvaris Virginia Teacher of the Year will be made and submitted. A teacher will also be selected to represent DPS and be considered for the Region 6 Teacher of the Year award.

Each day, Danville teachers work to shape the city’s youth academically, socially, and emotionally.

Danville Public Schools acknowledges and appreciates its teachers in their dedication to their profession and their students as the division continues to invest in their bright futures.

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