The Pittsylvania County Department of Social Services’ salaries were obtained by the Star-Tribune last week through FOIA request.

In a recommendation from the board of supervisors on July 26 to Rev. Stedman Payne, chairman of the DSS board, DSS finances could move under the county on September 1, 2018 pending approval by the DSS board, with human resources moving sometime in 2019.

The next DSS board meeting is August 27 at 5:45 p.m.

According to Pittsylvania County Finance Director Kim Van Der Hyde, the total budget for DSS is $5,570,539 for fiscal year 2019, an $82,000 increase from fiscal year 2018 at $5,487,942.

The $5.5 million budget is broken down into three parts including 50-percent federal, 35-percent state, and 15-percent local tax dollars.

Van Der Hyde said the county part of the full DSS budget is $955,544 for fiscal year 2019 down a little from fiscal year 2018 at $958,123.

For fiscal year 2018, DSS director Sherry Flanagan requested $2,839,680 for salaries and spent $2,782,351.39. Flanagan also requested the same $2.8 million for salaries dollar for dollar according to Van Der Hyde.

The county share for DSS salaries is $434,052.

DSS employees paid on salary earn in total $2,507,384.83 annually or $208,948.74 monthly. Also paid from the same budget line are part time employees and on call time.

Van Der Hyde said there is no line item for overtime, and there is no way to track holiday and vacation time.

Forms have to be filled out, approved by a supervisor, and they are kept separate, according to Van Der Hyde.

After fiscal year 2018, $104,799.39 was returned from DSS to the county general fund.

“They just gave it back and didn’t ask for it back,” Van Der Hyde said.

The average overall salary is $39,177.89.

A total of 15 employees make more than $50,000. The average salary for $50,000 and above is $59,316.04. Those same employees account for $889,740.65 of the annual salaries.

According to the data, the remaining 50 employees account for $1,617,644.18 of the annual salaries for an average of $32,352.88 per employee.

The highest paid is Flanagan at $74,285.58.

The last raise employees received was August 1, 2017.

“These are all things we have to be thinking about as we are taking on their budget beginning September 1,” Van Der Hyde said.

A total of 65 employees earn a salary at DSS.

Flanagan did not return multiple phone calls or emails about budget questions.

Salaried employees at $30,000 and above as of July 16, 2018 include, in alphabetical order by position title:

Administrative Office Manager

Melody Bowler, $48,265.50

Administrative Program Assistants

Freda Venable, Assistant I, $36,326.90

Renee Shumate , Assistant II, $36,567.48

Assistant Director

Cheryl Fisk, $64,324.97

Benefit Program Specialist II

Susan Alley $32,928.65

Laura Bennett $32,928.65

Rachel Boyer $50,948.98

Adrienne Carter $35,952.00

Candice Carter $32,928.65

Clarissa Chambers $37,058.16

Amy Chandler $37,867.95

Elizabeth Creasy $35,273.17

Taneka Glass $34,245.80

Mary Hood $34,125.00

Jennifer Jones $50,948.98

Jeanette King $34,245.80

Yolanda Mounkaila $34,245.80

Teresa Rhodes $32,100.00

Brandy Ruiz $30,450.00

Dawn Shelton $38,176.53

Sharon Stephens $32,928.65

Montrell Stroud $31,000.00

Tracy Teagan $37,075.50

Benefit Program Specialist III

Regina Barger $42.544.09

Brenda Dodd $72,851.41

Debra Myers $64,009.93

Margaret Roach $50,415.33

Benefit Programs Supervisor

Sue Palmer $56,010.01


Sherry Flanagan $74,285.58

Family Services Specialist

Nicole Bowler $33,626.36

Shanasia Harrison $31,500.00

Family Services Specialist II

Danesha Alam-Richardson $30,000.00

Pernita Echols $41,755.66

Peggy Helms $42,744.96

Holly Kehler $34,245.80

Helen Lautenbach $54,081.09

Paula Orellana $33,705.00

Ashlie Shealy $39,735.34

Haley Tiller $32,550.00

Marcus Waller $30,000.00

Family Services Specialist III

Carrie Bennett $62,784.35

Charles Warren $40,121.13

Family Services Supervisor Valerie Weir $63,187.83

Office Associate III

Patricia Crews $37,424.90

Shauna Fanin $37,055.28

Cindy Zuniga $31,991.10

Office Supervisor

Rachel Dunford $47,939.83

Self Sufficiency Specialist II

Shirley Fisher $50,445.24

Tanya Logan $57,409.77

Jeannette Willie $54,081.09

Self Sufficiency Specialist III

Cynthia Harris $38,578.01

Self Sufficiency Supervisor

Sheila Fitzgerald $63,956.09

Two other employees are paid hourly, and both are Emergency Benefits Programs Specialists paid hourly. Their annual income is not known.

There is a total of 23 employees in Benefit Program Specialist II positions, four in Benefit Program Specialist positions, 10 in family services specialist II positions, two in family services specialist III positions, nine office associates, three in self-sufficiency specialist II positions, and one as a self-sufficiency specialist III.

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