Leggett celebrated its 12,000-square-foot expansion on Saturday.

DANVILLE, Va. — Leggett Town and Country celebrated a 12,000-square-foot expansion Saturday with unveiling a new space for shoes and other outdoor needs.

Owner Will Leggett is a third generation owner whose family name has been associated with the Danville region for 100 years. His grandfather Fred Leggett Sr. and father Fred Leggett Jr. got started with doing retail since the 1930s and opened up the Mount Cross Road location in 2002. Before then, the location was a Lowe’s hardware store.

When the store first opened, it was only 10,000 square feet. Since then, it has grown to 45,000 square feet due to family atmosphere and customer demands.

Marketing manager Erin Bailey explained how the addition came to be. Bailey has been with the company since 2013 and been marketing manager for two and a half years.

“Earlier this year, we realized our customers needed more boots for workfare to expand our shoe department for clothes. There used to be a CarQuest next door; we decided to take up the entire space,” she said.

Leggett has future plans to expand one more time into a nearby warehouse, which will give them 8 to 10,000 square feet more space. He plans to use that space for a bigger selection of pet food and accessories.

Leggett extended his thanks to the employees and customers stating if it wasn’t for them, the business wouldn’t be as successful as it is.

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