New "Quick Reads" books are ready to put on the library shelves.

CHATHAM, Va. — The Pittsylvania County Public Library is happy to announce the addition of a new collection of Quick Read books to its shelves.

These short, adult focused, books are designed to address a variety of reader needs such as larger print, less complex sentences, English Language Learner accessibility and support for any adults working to improve their reading and literacy skills.

Quick Reads are also ideal for busy adults who may have gotten out of the habit of reading and are looking for something entertaining but easy to pick up. The books include popular authors such as James Patterson and offer a variety of fiction styles.

The inspiration for adding the collection was to provide support for the Pittsylvania County Literacy Program (PCLP) and other tutoring organizations in the county. Phyllis Roach, Director of the PCLP, noted that, “books for adult learners are often just retooled children’s books and can be uninspiring for an adult.”

An estimated 15 percent of adults in Pittsylvania County are classified as illiterate, and an even larger percentage are low-literate or reading below a seventh grade level. Low literacy makes it difficult for adults to find and keep jobs, to interact with public services and to support their children or grandchildren’s education.

PCLP matches low-literacy adults with volunteer tutors for personalized skill development free of charge. The county libraries provide needed support through space for tutoring but prior to adding the Quick Reads collection did not have adult books specifically designed for literacy growth.

“Adults working to improve their reading skills need books that interest them and are written specifically for them, not just young reader books,” said Lisa Tuite, the library director.

Quick Read books will be filed with other adult fiction books and identifiable by their purple Quick Reads spine label. This bright label allows adult literacy or English Language Learners to find books within the main collection and removes the perceived stigma of needing “special” reading materials.

“Although the inspiration for this collection was for adult literacy and language learners, we believe there is a larger audience that will also enjoy them,” noted Tuite.

Beginning with almost 100 fiction titles based at the Chatham library, the Quick Reads collection will continue to grow incrementally as new titles are added though the library’s monthly purchase of new books. Quick Reads can be requested and delivered to readers at any library branch or on the PCPL Bookmobile.

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