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CHATHAM, Va. — The Chatham Rotary Club is planning a Hometown Celebration in and around Chatham for the 4th of July weekend.

This new weekend of festivities will be highlighted by Friday evening fireworks on July 2 and a flag-filled Field of Honor at the Old Dominion Agricultural Complex to honor local hometown heroes, from military veterans to first responders, as well as beloved family members.

The opening ceremony for the Field of Honor will be on Saturday, July 3, and the display will run from July 3 to July 24. Anyone can purchase a flag to honor their personal hero at

The Rotary Club is inviting other interested local and civic organizations to host events over the weekend.

Rotary Club President Nick Morris noted that, "Most volunteer organizations are not big enough individually to plan and staff three days of events, but when many small organizations coordinate to offer multiple smaller events, an exciting weekend celebration becomes possible and fun."

By July, the Club anticipates the relaxation in statewide COVID precautions, but most planned events will be outdoors or incorporate social distancing guidelines.

Partner events already in the works will include a Pittsylvania County Sheriff's Evening Out on Friday evening, with food and a D.J. at Rotary Park preceding the fireworks. The Chatham Volunteer Fire Department is hosting an Independence Day parade on Saturday, July 3. As part of the parade, the Pittsylvania Pet Center is planning a 'Star Spangled Mutt Strut.'

Also on Saturday, PATHS will host an open house at their new facility and the Friends of the Library will conduct a book sale. The Chatham Garden Club is sponsoring a Patriotic Decorating Contest for local homes and businesses that can be enjoyed throughout the weekend.

Other local and civic groups including Chatham First, the Pittsylvania Historical Society, Pittsylvania County Community Action, Haven of the Dan River Region and several local churches are planning additional events. The Chatham Community Center, Chatham Library and History Research Center & Library will be open as cooling centers and have displays to view.

Any local organizations interested in participating in the weekend events should contact Chatham Rotary Club Project Chair Alisa Davis at or 434-203-8062; or Rotary Club President Nick Morris at or 434-770-0360.

"We would love to have a wide variety of events scheduled throughout the weekend to give everyone a lot to do, and these events could be great fundraising opportunities for small organizations," suggested Alisa Davis.

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