DANVILLE, Va. — In light of ongoing budget discussions, the Star-Tribune filed a Freedom of Information Act request for salaries of all Danville City government employees.

By law, salaries of local and state government employees earning $10,000 a year or more are public record and must be made available for public inspection.

Information sought included the employee’s name, job title or classification, department and salary.

The full extent of salary information obtained by the Star-Tribune is listed below, sorted by department, with departments sorted alphabetically and employees sorted by order of salary from lowest to highest.

Only the Danville City employees making $55,000 or more are included, rounded to the nearest dollar value.

City Attorney

W. Clarke Whitfield Jr., City Attorney, $145,517

City Manager

Kimberly Lokiel Gibson, Legal Assistant, $55,018

Susan M. DeMasi, Clerk of Council, $58,512

Christopher R. Dodson, Assistant City Attorney, $58,662

Vicky L. Farmer, Executive Assistant, $63,259

Amanda Devon Paez, Assistant to the City Manager, $63,354

Robert T. David, Youth and Gang Violence Coordinator, $73,019

Arnold G. Hendrix, Public Information Officer, $73,535

Mark Aron, Multimedia Design Manager, $74,026

Alan Bradley Spencer, Assistant City Attorney, $92,069

Cynthia L. Thomasson, Director of Budget, $110,970

Earl B. Reynolds Jr., Deputy City Manager, $150,742

Kenneth F. Larking, City Manager, $190,000

Community Development

Richard E. Phelps Jr., Mechanical Inspector, $56,306

Norma Jean Brower, Housing and Development Specialist, $59,976

Marion A. Cook, Accountant, $67,678

Charles W. Fulcher Jr., Inspections Supervisor, $70,126

Henry D. Plachcinski, Division Director of Planning, $83,000

Kenneth C. Gillie, Director of Community Development, $113,753

Economic Development

Laura Jean Ashworth, Marketing and Research Manager, $58,660

Kelvin G. Perry, Economic Development Project Manager, $70,336

Corrie Teague Bobe, Director of Economic Development, $115,000


Mary B. Clark, Delinquent Collections Coordinator, $58,984

Carol G. Henley, Service/Bill Customer Account Manager, $59,370

Christopher R. Camburides, Collections Customer Account Manager, $59,370

Vickie J. Love, Buyer, $63,259

Miranda L. Sheldon, Business Systems Accountant, $68,500

Henrietta Weaver, Accountant, $70,290

Mary O. Winall, Accountant, $74,749

Laura L. Blackwell, Division Director of Customer Accounts, $77,520

James Gary Via, Division Director of Purchasing, $91,716

Christopher Lovell, Division Director of Real Estate Assessment, $92,163

Jennifer B. Holley, Assistant Director of Finance, $101,196

Emma Holley Law, Senior Internal Auditor, $101,375

Michael Lee Adkins, Director of Finance, $122,210

Fire Department

William F. Carter III, Fire Captain, $55,399

David Alan Harless, Fire Captain, $55,633

Robert W. Walker, Fire Captain, $55,721

William C. Smotherman, Fire Captain, $55,782

Brandon S. Burke, Firefighter/Engineer, $56,098

Robert G. Clay, Firefighter/Engineer, $57,530

Brian D. Gregory, Fire Captain, $57,862

David Davis Gunnell, Fire Captain, $58,761

Randall K. Barrett, Fire Captain, $59,465

Thomas E. Napier Jr., Fire Captain, $59,711

Nathan E. Sergeant, Fire Captain, $60,218

Christopher Blevins, Fire Captain, $60,945

Dennis M. Beamon, Firefighter/Engineer, $61,475

Kenneth Stephens, Firefighter/Engineer, $61,745

Marcus Lee Vincent, Firefighter/Engineer, $61,968

Delano Heith Goad, Fire Lieutenant, $62,234

Richard Neal Guill Jr., Assistant Fire Marshal, $62,654

Norman D. Campbell, Fire Captain, $62,855

James H. Satterfield, Fire Captain, $63,365

Jason Ray Curtis, Fire Captain, $65,853

James A. Harper, Fire Captain, $65,933

Jeffrey D. Guill, Firefighter, $66,139

Kevin S. Hayes, Fire Captain, $68,611

Jonathan N. Yeaman, Battalion Chief, $69,702

Marvin K. Jones, Fire Captain, $71,854

Thomas S. Thompson, Fire Captain, $74,054

Darryl E. Turpin, Fire Captain, $75,493

Frank Dean Fowler, Battalion Chief, $75,812

Christopher Key Sr., Battalion Chief, $76,059

Shelby Jean Irving, Fire Marshal, $78,057

Timothy Joe Duffer, Deputy Fire Chief, $81,732

Brian Kent Alderson, Battalion Chief, $84,067

Michael A. Jefferson, Deputy Fire Chief, $90,118

David W. Coffey, Fire Chief, $130,000

Human Resources

Miranda Christine Harden, Human Resources Consultant, $56,136

Wendy Clark Willis, Human Resources Consultant, $63,933

Tammy T. Owens, Human Resources Consultant, $71,073

Sara Weller, Director of Human Resources, $114,201

Information Technology

Richard Scott Hunter, Applications Specialist, $64,783

Melissa D. Gravely, Network Administrator, $67,953

Joseph C. Nichols, System Administrator, $73,403

Robert W. Rhoads, Network Engineer, $75,382

Robin W. Weddle, Technical Support Manager, $75,543

John Scott Longerbeam, GIS Coordinator, $77,127

Laurie Smoot Weaver, Client Solution Specialist, $78,055

Pattie Nunn Clayton, Applications Specialist, $82,146

Jody E. Tate, Applications Specialist, $83,806

­Stanley K. Sawyer, Division Director of Infrastructure and Operations, $87,786

Franklin Riddle II, Applications Specialist, $91,492

Robert L. Rossman III, Solutions Integration Developer, $102,053

Dana D. Obstler, Deputy Chief Information Officer, $128,015

Inez J. Rodenburg, Chief Information Officer, $135,128

Parks and Recreation

Stephanie A. Lovely, Parks and Recreation Facilities and Services Planner, $58,000

Brittney N. Ham, Parks and Recreation Communications Specialist, $59,370

Charlene J. Presley, Division Director of Special Recreation, $60,000

Randee L. Brown, Division Director of Parks Maintenance, $65,557

Jason Lee Bookheimer, Division Director of Community Recreation, $66,518

Russell W. Carter II, Division Director of Library, $71,837

Gina Scott Craig, Division Director of Parks Administration, $73,674

James Hansel Floyd II, Division Director of Athletics, $82,224

William O. Sgrinia, Director of Parks and Recreation, $115,901

Police Department

John David Dixon, Police Sergeant, $55,297

William Chase Shively, Police Corporal, $55,558

Todd J. Hawkins, Police Corporal, $55,629

Evan Gene Wilson, Police Sergeant, $55,812

Andrew T. Shelton, Correctional Health Assistant, $57,112

Anthony Dennis Harn, Police Sergeant, $57,252

Clarence L. Goins III, Police Sergeant, $58,383

Nicole D. Jeffries, Police Sergeant, $58,477

Ashtyn B. Foddrell, Community Relations Liaison, $58,879

Jonathan M. Epps, Police Sergeant, $58,930

Kelly Lee Shackett, Police Corporal, $59,086

David Lee Austin, Police Corporal, $60,351

Nikia M. Massenburg, Assistant Division Director of Juvenile Detention, $60,491

Sylvia S. Brooks, Police Corporal, $60,619

Charles Moorefield III, Police Sergeant, $60,649

David C. Ferguson, Police Sergeant, $60,651

Nancye Snow, School Crossing Guard, $61,533

Samuel C. Bray, Police Sergeant, $61,578

Johnny Lee West, Police Lieutenant, $61,645

Clinton Joseph Snead, Police Lieutenant, $62,673

Ronald B. McCormick Jr., Police Sergeant, $62,818

John Andrew Pulley, Police Lieutenant, $62,978

David E. Whitley, Police Lieutenant, $63,822

Valerie M. Jennings, Police Sergeant, $64,384

Walter H. Gillespie, Police Officer, $66,468

Paul A. Totten, Correctional Captain, $66,595

Kimberly G. Hunt, Correctional Lieutenant, $66,909

Erica D. Land, Police Lieutenant, $66,933

Donald E. Smith, PC Records Office Manager, $67,818

Ernest K. Thompson, Police Captain, $68,221

Jeffrey W. McLaughlin, Police Lieutenant, $68,419

Eric Lee Ellis, Police Lieutenant, $68,857

Richard E. Chivvis, Police Captain, $69,724

Phyllis H. Griffith, Correctional Captain, $70,711

Stephen J. High, Police Lieutenant, $70,738

Clarence E. Davis, Correctional Captain, $71,287

Paul R. Deel, Police Lieutenant, $71,656

Henry S. Richardson Jr., Police Captain, $71,975

Kevin Justin Meadows, Service Program Coordinator, $74,841

Jerry Lee Pace Jr., Police Captain, $78,494

Michael W. Wallace, Police Lieutenant, $82,627

Kurt A. Walker, Work Program Coordinator, $83,232

Roland Witcher, Chief Correctional Officer, $92,387

Timothy W. Jones, Police Major, $94,066

Michelle O. Johnson, Division Director of Juvenile Detention, $100,603

Frank Edward Mardavich, Division Director of Adult Detention, $102,053

Christopher Wiles, Police Major, $106,449

Ronald D. Hairston, Lieutenant Colonel, $128,950

Scott C. Booth, Police Chief, $155,081

Public Works

Kathy Lynn Adelman, Senior Public Works GIS/CAD Tech, $55,471

Brad Scot Sinclair, Applications Specialist, $57,987

Joelkenda D. Farmer, General Supervisor, $60,134

Tonnie Glenn Robertson, General Supervisor, $60,140

Phillip Lee Martin, General Supervisor, $65,250

Dianne C. Halstead, Custodian Supervisor, $67,623

Lonnie Ricky Deshazor, Equipment Maintenance Supervisor, $69,319

James Ray Newton, Cemetery Supervisor, $69,485

Eugene A. McCormick Jr., Equipment Maintenance Supervisor, $69,485

Denise H. Wyatt, Senior Administrative Assistant, $70,326

Michael H. Kendrick, General Supervisor, $70,594

Christopher P. Franks, Public Works Chief Engineer, $73,912

Erik D. Chambers, Communications Systems Manager, $74,278

Donald E. Ricketts, Public Works Project Manager, $75,000

Christopher W. Clark, Division Director of Public Works Administration, $75,000

Clarence Rigsby Jr., General Supervisor, $75,859

Michael Wayne Burton, Division Director of Buildings, $75,947

Benny Boyd Alford, General Supervisor, $76,903

Donald Wayne McGuire, General Supervisor, $76,903

James M. Huggins, Public Works Chief Engineer, $77,063

Jonathan M. Sharp, Division Director of Streets, $92,115

Christopher Goss, Division Director of Sanitation, $92,315

Karen Ann Black, Public Works Chief Engineer, $98,811

Brian Lee Dunevant, Assistant Director of Public Works/City Engineer, $116,196

Richard Drazenovich, Director of Public Works, $144,586

Social Services

Madrika B. Fowler, Family Services Specialist, $55,871

Charleen Kay Moore, Family Services Specialist, $56,581

Yvonne B. Davis, Employment Service Supervisor, $56,723

Gloria Jean Carter, Family Services Specialist, $56,994

Tyra Renae Williamson, Family Services Supervisor, $61,347

Melisha C. Carwile, Senior Family Services Specialist, $63,795

Luis Alarcon, Accountant, $64,556

Cynthia L. Holloway, Family Services Supervisor, $67,121

Teresa N. Moss, Family Services Supervisor, $69,188

Deborah J. Fitzgerald, Family Services Manager, $82,315

John L. Moody, Director of Social Services, $115,678


Alan T. Pinekenstein, Transportation Building and Grounds Superintendent, $55,456

Lisa G. Bivens, Senior Administrative Assistant, $68,410

Marc D. Adelman, Director of Transportation Services, $135,128


Gary Dwayne Kirks, Utility Operator, $55,961

 Amos Steve Wilson, Utility Operator, $56,444

James David Sparks, Electric Substation Technician, $56,630

Gail R. Lowe, Utility Operator, $56,719

Aaron D. Alston, Broadband Network Engineering Technician, $56,952

John B. Thompson Jr., Fleet and Facilities Manager, $57,215

Timothy W. Love, Construction Inspector, $58,899

April Lynette Poteat, Accountant, $61,646

Paul Dudley Crowder, Water and Gas Crew Supervisor, $62,639

Alvin Maynard Chandler, Electric Senior Engineering Technician, $62,975

Michael T. Nelson, Water Treatment Manager, $64,261

David M. Ward, Electric Meter Technician, $64,390

Todd Allen Hobza, Electric Substation Technician, $64,392

Kristina T. Abbott, Electric Senior Engineering Technician,  $65,021

Janet C. Davis, Key Accounts Manager, $65,684

Christopher Wells, Electric Meter Supervisor, $65,965

Nicholas A. Majdanski, IT Scada Systems Analyst, $66,877

Jeffrey S. Jarrett, Water and Gas Senior Engineering Technician, $68,130

Tyler James Calloway, Electric Line Technician, $69,272

John P. Broyles, Electric Line Technician, $69,272

Joshua W. Parsons, Electric Line Technician, $69,272

Robert D. McCann, Electric Line Technician, $69,272

Jacob W. Dameron, Electric Line Technician, $69,272

Brandon L. Fackler, Electric Line Technician, $69,272

John W. Loftis Jr., Electric Line Technician, $69,530

Keith D. Daniel, Electric Substation Supervisor, $70,688

William Michael Wade III, Electric Line Technician, $71,004

Thomas W. Gibbs, Electric Line Technician, $71,177

Cecil Ray Conner Jr., Water and Gas Systems Control Superintendent, $71,244

Donald C. Walker, Electric Line Technician, $71,350

Zachary V. Turner, Electric Line Technician, $71,350

Charles A. Sutton Jr., Electric Line Technician, $71,523

Heriberto Cendejas, Electric Line Technician, $71,697

Jonathan David Hudgins, Electric Line Technician, $71,697

Lori B. Flanigan, Division Director of Support Services, $74,570

Michael Stuart Spencer, Division Director of Telecommunication, $74,683

Mark T. Guill, Electric Line Crew Supervisor, $75,357

Edward H. Smith Jr., Inspector-Contractor Manager, $75,474

Joseph Wayne Meadows, Electric Line Crew Supervisor, $75,539

Jeffrey A. Bustamante, Water and Gas Distribution Superintendent, $76,498

Alvin T. Taylor Jr., Inspector-Contractor Manager, $77,860

Dennis Neal Spake, Electric Line Crew Supervisor, $78,135

Stacy Lynn Sparks, Electric Line Crew Supervisor, $78,704

Hayden T. Rader, Water and Gas Chief Engineer, $82,241

Charles C. Lewis, Electric Engineering Manager, $85,250

David Lee Witcher, Senior Electric Engineer, $88,379

Robert Lee Eanes, Electric Distribution Superintendent, $90,640

Rebecca M. Meadows, Gas Control Manager, $91,492

Richard A. Johnson, Division Director of Water/Wastewater Treatment, $102,214

Philip A. Haley, Division Director of Power and Light, $103,000

Kelly P. Kinnett, Division Director of Water and Gas, $120,488

Jason Cameron Grey, Director of Utilities, $143,504

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