Pitt. Co leaders wrap up budget year

Pittsylvania County leaders have wrapped up this year’s budget season.  

The Board of Supervisors Tuesday unanimously approved the local share of next year’s County School Budget. It clocks in at $127,825,088. It includes a one million-dollar increase in local funding.  

Tunstall Supervisor Vic Ingram credited Pittsylvania County Finance Director Kim Van Der Hyde with successfully crunching the numbers. “You’re a fabulous Finance Director.  We are so grateful to have you,” Ingram said.  “You don’t get the credit that you deserve. I feel we (the Board of Supervisors) sometimes get too much credit for your good work.”

Finance Committee Chairman and Chatham-Blairs District Supervisor Bob Warren agreed.  And he said county department heads also played a key role in balancing the books.  “They tightened their belts and were very understanding and cooperative throughout the process,” Warren said.

“Of course, they had their wish lists.  They wanted as much as they could reasonably get, but I thought they were very reasonable in their requests,” Warren added.

Pittsylvania County’s total 2024 budget totals $232,916,421. It includes no increase in general tax rates, but still manages to fund a pay raise for county workers. 

The budget anticipates higher collections from the real estate tax, thanks mostly to an estimated $165 million increase in the value of the county’s real estate.

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