Ministry opens car care business

Pictured is Bishop David Fuller, the pastor of Word on the Street Inner City Ministries, located at 425 Hughes Street in Danville, recently opened Word Car Care Service in the Town of Gretna.

Word on the Street Inner City Ministries, located at 425 Hughes Street in Danville, recently opened Word Car Care Service in the Town of Gretna.

Bishop David K. Fuller, senior pastor and visionary, founded Mt. Zion Temple’s Word Outreach Ministries in January of 2015, moving his church from Callands to the inner city.

The ministry includes Word Homiletic Institute, which has a youth boxing league for boys and girls ages 12 to 18 years old with trainers available, a job placement program that welcomes the unemployed and ex-felons, an entrepreneurial training program, Operation S.O.S. (Saving our sons/daughters), a mentoring program, a courtesy transportation service, and the 100 Men for Spiritual, Social and Economic Change program.

Word Car Care Service is an extension of the ministry.

“It’s a ministry for public life. Ministry should extend from the church to the community,” he said. “There are people attending my church with no jobs. What are you going to do, but create a business, so they can work?”

Fuller, who plans to employ three to four people at the car wash, said he will transport congregation members without jobs to the site, so they can work.

“The car care service is part of an inner city initiative to expand jobs in terms of getting people employed,” he said.

The business specializes in hand washing cars, also in full detailing, including interior and carpet shampooing.

Word Car Care Service is bonded and has a pick up and delivery service.

Located at 108 South Shelton Street across from the town’s municipal office, the four bay facility will be open year round, Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Fuller has also created a waiting area for customers.

The grand opening is planned for the week of Thanksgiving with specials for senior citizens.

Fuller said he was driving through Gretna and saw the potential for his satellite business.

“The town’s size is small and able to accommodate a business like this. Everybody is so friendly. People have come by and said that they are glad we are here,” he said.

Fuller also plans to offer the lot as a space for yard sales or community events.

For more information about Word Car Care Service or any of the other outreach ministries, Fuller can be reached at 434-429-8960.

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