Cherrystone Dam project

Cherrystone Lake was completed in 1968 with a dam at a height of 59.1 feet and 788 feet in length.

Delegate Les Adams, R-Chatham, announced Tuesday, March 5 that the General Assembly has approved his request for the appropriation of $100,000 in state funds to identify cost saving solutions for the required rehabilitation of the Cherrystone and Roaring Fork Dams. 

Estimates supplied by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service for the total costs of identified repairs are as high as $20 million. 

The town of Chatham, Pittsylvania County, and the Pittsylvania Soil and Water Conservation District are the sponsors of the local dams in need of such repair.

The proposal by Adams, which was adopted as item 362 #2c of the budget amendments included in the joint conference committee report to house bill 1700, appropriates $100,000 from the Commonwealth’s general fund, “to hire an independent engineering firm to conduct a study to find a less costly solution to rehabilitate the Cherrystone and Roaring Fork Dams.” The new budget language also directs the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation to assist the three sponsors in this effort. 

“I am very glad we were able to obtain state funding this past session to help the taxpaying citizens of Chatham and Pittsylvania County,” Adams said, “the proposed expense for these repairs is daunting, and I was eager to introduce this amendment on behalf of our people.”

Adams continued, “I also wish to publicly recognize our local leaders who collaborated with me on this proactive effort, and in particular, Chatham Mayor Will Pace, Chatham Town Manager Richard Cocke, and state Senator Frank Ruff. Senator Ruff was especially instrumental in arguing for the amendment as a conferee on the budget committee.”

Funding pursuant to the amendment is effective in the second year of the state’s biennial budget, beginning July 1, 2019. 

Del. Adams represents the 16th house district, which includes parts of Henry, Pittsylvania, and the city of Martinsville. He is in his third term of service to the Virginia General Assembly. 

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