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On Tuesday morning, county maintenance workers service the locking mechanism on the absentee box reportedly found open Monday afternoon. 

Update 5:20 p.m.: In a press release, Pittsylvania County Voter Registrar Kelly Keesee has confirmed that the voter who made a report to the Chatham Police Department Monday morning was the same individual who opened the Chatham ballot box. 

This individual reported to ABC 13 Monday that he had found the ballot box open. It has been confirmed that this person is the person who opened the ballot box in the first place. 

Keesee assures county voters that ballots have not been tampered with, and reports that the faulty lock on the ballot box has been repaired. 

"Based on the security footage, there is absolutely no evidence of tampering or any ballots being removed or misplaced," said Pittsylvania County Registrar Kelly Keesee. "The box is completely functional at this time."

If registered voters do not feel comfortable voting by mail or dropping their ballot into the drop box, there are several other ways they can cast their vote:

  • Registered voters have the option to sign up for no-excuse absentee voting. Voters that sign up to receive a mail-in ballot by the deadline of Oct. 23 can send it through the postal service, leave it in the drop box at the registrar's office, or personally hand it to the registrar employees at the Olde Dominion Agricultural Complex or the main office.
  • Early, in-person at the Olde Dominion Agricultural Complex. Registered voters can visit the center any time between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, or for drive-thru voting on Saturday Oct. 24 and Oct. 31.
  • In-person at their normal polling stations on Nov. 3 from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Original story: Pittsylvania County Voter Registrar Kelly Keesee told the Star-Tribune Tuesday morning that video surveillance shows a county resident opening the drop-off ballot box in Chatham that was reportedly found left open Monday afternoon. 

ABC 13 reported Monday that a county resident looking to drop off an absentee ballot Monday afternoon had found the box hanging open and made a report to the Chatham Police Department. 

According to Keesee, surveillance footage of the registrar's office shows an individual looking to vote after hours pulling on the sides of the absentee ballot box. 

Keesee confirmed that due to the office being closed on Monday for Columbus Day, the box had been locked and ballots had already been removed by registrar personnel. 

Reportedly, a mechanical issue with the lock on the box had caused the box to not lock securely, causing it to come open at the persons's pulling on the back of the box. 

"There is no tampering going on, there were no ballots removed, and it is something that's been fixed so it won't happen again," Keesee said. 

Tuesday morning, workers with the Pittsylvania County Public Works department were seen servicing the locking mechanism on the drop-off ballot box. 

According to one of the workers, the locking mechanism on the box had come loose and would not lock properly. 

This story will be updated as more information becomes available. 

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Wow! I just researched the va law codes and there’s NOTHING about absentee ballot box drop offs being tampered with BUT, if I just touch someone else’s us postal box I can be legally fined! We should have had some laws on the books about tampering with official drop off boxes!

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