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Volunteers smooth out the dirt upon which once stood the 138-year-old original Callands Post Office building. Behind, the building has been loaded onto a flatbed truck and boarded up for the ride. The building’s new location is less than a mile from where it was. 

The Old Callands Post Office building, previously located at the intersection of Franklin Turnpike and Callands Road, was picked up off its foundations and moved to the historical site on Sago Road Saturday afternoon. 

The building, first built in 1885 and relocated once before, has been the subject of restoration efforts organized by the Pittsylvania Historical Society and a non-profit formed by locals, Old Callands Post Office Inc. 

According to the non-profit’s president Dale Aaron, the efforts to restore and relocate the building were fueled by donations and volunteer labor. 

“It’s been amazing,” Aaron said. “People in the community have donated building materials, time. There needs to be some place for people to be able to see it, preserve it.” 

State Troopers were employed to block the roads for a short time while the building was moved to its new home, a fenced-in field on Sago Road that also serves as the location of the area’s original clerk’s office and courthouse that were built in the Eighteenth Century. 

“It’s emotional,” said Joan Nuckols, who worked as Postmaster at the current Callands Post Office, which sits right next to where the old post office building was, for 33 years. “It’s special. I used to park there every day when I would come into work. I remember sitting on the porch.” 

Nuckols and others embracing this change hope that its new location will be a better place.

According to Aaron, a concrete foundation has been poured and there are plans to enclose the bottom of the building with brick and build new steps and a porch. 

For more history on the Old Callands Post Office, see the Oct. 21 edition of the Chatham Star-Tribune. 

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