Danville election officials are asking voters on Tuesday to adhere to new protocols that have been put in place to safeguard voting at the polls amid the Covid-19 virus pandemic.

Elections for the Danville City Council and the Danville School Board will be held. Polls open at 6 a.m. and close at 7 p.m.

Danville Registrar Peggy Petty has provided the following guide:

What precinct officials expect from the voters: 

Respect the six-foot social distancing rule.

  • Respect directions on where to stand as they go through the check-in and voting process.
  • Wear their face mask if they have one.
  • Only the voter comes into the precinct. Do not bring children to the polls during this time.
  • Look at sample ballots that are posted so they are familiar with the ballot and can vote quickly.
  • Have photo ID out to present to Officer of Election.

What precinct officials will do:

  • Maintain distance from voters.
  • Have doors propped open if feasible for that voting precinct.
  • Have markings on floor or cones to designate six-foot intervals.
  • Limit the number of voters that can be inside the precinct-based on the size of the area. Some precincts may only be able to accommodate two inside and some four to six.
  • Have “throw-away” pens for voters to use to mark ballots. Voters will pick up their own pen, use it and take it with them or throw it away as they leave.
  • Officers of Election will frequently disinfect areas used by the voters and high contact areas.
  • Officers of Election will have face masks, gloves and limited face shields for themselves. There will be germ barriers (sneeze guards) erected between Officers of Election and voters at the check-in table and other areas.
  • To avoid close contact with voters, Officers of Election will not issue “I Voted” stickers for this election.

Nine candidates are vying for five seats on the City Council. The candidates are Sheila Baynes, Larry Campbell, Gordon Lyles, Barry Mayo, Thomas Motley, Sherman Saunders, Fred Shanks, Lee Vogler and Madison Whittle. Campbell, Saunders, Shanks, Vogler and Whittle currently hold the five seats.

Five candidates are seeking the four seats on the School Board. The candidates are Philip Campbell, Tedd Goldean, Renee Hughes, Tyrell Payne and Charles McWilliams III.

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