An AcelaNet crew member works on a tower in Southern Virginia.

CLIMAX — AcelaNet, the Pittsylvania County SCS broadband contractor, was scheduled to test signal strength at a privately-owned tower in Climax this morning, However, due to an internal complication, the project was delayed.

The crew would have checked the incoming signal strength, and also looked for key indicators that could possibly lead to starting the process of installing high-speed broadband internet to the truly rural area around Climax.

"They're going to have to reschedule it with the individual who owns the tower," AcelaNet CEO Lon Whelchel told the Star-Tribune Thursday afternoon. "They were going to check the tower, which is located at his house."

Whelchel said AcelaNet leases a Pittsylvania County emergency service tower, and has scheduled loading new towers into the county in 2021.

"We look for all opportunities to help individuals get connected," Whelchel said. "This individual is as excited as we are to get [high-speed broadband] service."

Whelchel said AcelaNet can lay out more of the schedule for Pittsylvania County projects after the first of the year.

"We are excited about the opportunities in the county," he said. "More resources, more capability, and we want to accelerate a lot of what we're working on."

AcelaNet is listening to the "federal forecast" to address broadband accessibility issues in rural Southern Virginia, Whelchel said.

"AcelaNet works very closely with Pittsylvania County on emergency service towers to start more next year, and we're already working on some now," Whelchel said. "We will have more available to us next year."

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