During Tuesday evening’s meeting, Danville City Council heard from Danville City Treasurer Sheila Williamson-Branch, who announced the accreditation of the city’s Treasurer’s Office from the Treasurer’s Association of Virginia. 

Accreditation, which was awarded on May 19, is something that Williamson-Branch said Danville’s office had not yet received to her knowledge before her tenure.

While the accreditation program is a voluntary, professional certificate program, accreditation shows that the office meets statewide best practices for performance in treasury management.

To receive accreditation, offices must pass an outside audit with no sign of material weakness, provide proof of continuing education by the Treasurer or principal officer and meet educational requirements for all staff. Accredited offices must have written policies for areas such as personnel and customer service. 

This year, 67 treasurer’s offices in the state were accredited.

Williamson-Branch, who has served as treasurer since 2016, said her goal was to make sure the office remains accredited, which is renewed on a yearly basis.

In other business, council approved the following appointments to boards and commissions:

The appointment of Faye Brown to the Danville Redevelopment and Housing Authority;

The reappointment of Vanessa Cain as to the Danville Redevelopment and Housing Authority;

The reappointment of Courtney Nicholas to the River District Design Commission;

And the reappointment of Andre Hessler to the River District Design Commission.

Council also approved the acquisition of three parcels of land in the Monument-Berryman redevelopment area as a part of an effort to approve the streetscape along parts of the area’s boundary.

According to Assistant City Manager Ryan Dodson, all three properties used to have houses on them that have since been demolished and had liens, which were released, in exchange for the conveyance of the property.

Council also approved free bus service on Election Day, Nov. 3, to encourage those interested to vote. This includes all transit operations, including fixed route and reservations.

City council’s next meeting will be held on Thursday, Nov. 5.

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