‘Moonshiners’ star faces felony charge


One of the stars of the reality television series “Moonshiners” faces a felony charge in Pittsylvania County.

Steven Ray Tickle, 39, of U.S. Highway 29 in Blairs is charged with possessing a sawed off shotgun on July 12 during a traffic stop.

Tickle was scheduled to be arraigned on the charge Monday morning in Pittsylvania County Circuit Court; however, his attorney, Joe Garrett of Danville called the court and announced that he would be handling the case.

Judge Stacey W. Moreau continued the matter until the Dec. 14 meeting of the Pittsylvania County Grand Jury, when it will be set for trial.

Tickle was arrested in July, after being stopped for having a bad headlight on his vehicle.

According to Cpl. T.W. Eanes of the Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s Office, he stopped a black Dodge truck for having a headlight out, and after checking with DMV discovered Tickle’s license was suspended.

The officer also allegedly saw a sawed off shotgun in Tickle’s truck.

“Mr. Tickle had a sawed off 12 gauge shotgun in the front seat of the truck,” said the officer. “The barrel length was approximately 14 inches long. The shotgun was in plain view.”

On Nov. 9, a Pittsylvania County General District Court judge found probable cause to certify the felony charge to the next term of the grand jury.

The Pittsylvnia County Commonwealth’s Attorney noll prossed the misdemeanor charge of driving on a suspended license.

Tickle is currently out on a $2,500 secured bond. Under the terms of the bond, he is not allowed to leave Virginia or to possess firearms.

The Discovery Channel’s “Moonshiners” is in its third season.

Partly filmed in Pittsylvania County, the show features a number of local characters, including Tickle and Tim Smith of Climax.

Smith is the chief of Climax Volunteer Fire Department.

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i hope they cut steven tickle a break..yeah he had a sawed off shotgun...and he knows that he shouldn't have...but he didn't shoot anyone...


Poor Tickle, that's what happens when you become famous.

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