Pace elected Mayor in Chatham

Will Pace

Gov. Glenn Youngkin has appointed Chatham Mayor Will Pace to the Virginia Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission.

“It is an incredible honor to be chosen by Governor Glenn Youngkin to serve on the Virginia Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission (Tobacco Commission). I am very grateful that Governor Youngkin has placed his trust and confidence in me to serve on the Tobacco Commission," said Pace in a press release.

"Since its creation from bipartisan legislation introduced by Senator Charles Hawkins and Delegate Whitt Clement in 1999, the Tobacco Commission has been a vital leader in supporting economic growth and development in our region. To date, the Tobacco Commission has brought tens of thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars of new investment to our region. With this appointment, I will be able to support Governor Youngkin’s agenda to ensure that the Tobacco Commission, and future grants and financial assistance provided by the Tobacco Commission, will be a meaningful partner, committed to supporting a growing and vibrant business environment in our region," said Pace.

"I look forward to working with the Governor, businesses, state, and local leaders, and most importantly, the citizens of Southside and Southwest Virginia in continuing to support and encourage economic opportunity and growth in this great area of the state we call home," said Pace.

Pace joins Del. Les Adams of Chatham and Del. Danny Marshall of Danville on the Commission, along with Gretchen Clark and Walter "Buddy" Shelton, both of Gretna.

Pace, who was up for re-election as Chatham's mayor in November, decided not to run again and instead focus his attention on his other work and public commitments. Pace serves as the chairman of the Fifth District Republican Committee and chairman of the Pittsylvania County Republican Committee. Pace also works for Del. Otto Wachsmann of Sussex County and whose district will range from Luneburg to Isle of Wight counties. When he was as mayor, Pace was 31, making him Chatham's youngest mayor.

The Tobacco Commission’s mission is the promotion of economic growth and development in formerly tobacco-dependent communities, using proceeds of the national tobacco settlement. The Tobacco Region Opportunity Fund (TROF) provides performance-based monetary grants and loans to localities in Virginia’s tobacco-producing regions (34 counties and six cities in southern and southwestern Virginia). These grants and loans assist in the creation of new jobs and investments, whether through new business attraction or existing business expansion and are awarded at the Tobacco Commission’s discretion.  The Tobacco Commission is composed of 28 members. Members are appointed for four-year terms and serve on one or more committees.

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