Kris Rotonda

The Danville Area Humane Society is thrilled to announce that on Monday, Nov. 30, from 5-9 p.m., Kris Rotonda of Jordan’s Way charity will do a live Facebook event from the City of Danville public animal shelter.

Rotonda is currently traveling to all 50 states to do fundraising and adoption events at 3-5 shelters in each state in memory of his beloved dog. He highlights all of the animals in the shelter and issues challenges for people to contribute money.

Once a specified level is reached, he performs push-ups or other physical tasks.  He makes the events interactive and fun for the humans and animals.

“When we received the e-mail from Mr. Rotonda, we immediately responded to invite him to visit Danville," Executive Director Paulette Dean said. "His events are high-energy and highlight shelter animals. The money raised will be used to pay for veterinary treatment of shelter animals that need treatment in order for them to become adoptable. Our April Hogan Shelter Animal Fund was created for this purpose and has helped several animals find loving homes.” 

To learn more about Kris Rotonda and Jordan’s Way, visit his Facebook page.

His 50-state campaign was recently highlighted on the Hallmark Channel.

“My goal is to clear the Shelters and raise money for all shelters with the help of the media, rescues and the community sharing like crazy,” Rotonda said.

Dean said that the cancellation of fund raising events because of the pandemic has resulted in the loss of thousands of dollars.

“Our donors have been quite loyal, but we are grateful that Mr. Rotonda is coming to Danville to help us in our work of helping shelter animals find responsible, loving homes,” she said.

For event updates, we invite the public to visit our Facebook page daily. The public is also invited to attend the event on Saturday evening.

By order of the Governor, masks will be required and social distancing must be maintained. Visitors may be asked to remain in the car if the number of visitors does not allow proper distancing.

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