Angela and Steve smile at the counter of Crema and Vine.

DANVILLE Va. — After being open nearly four years, Crema and Vine has become a staple of the west Danville community, bringing together a vast demographic of Danvillians and other folks from the surrounding counties.

The coffee shop and wine bar has survived through the pandemic and is looking outward towards patio expansion as well the opening of a second Danville location.

Part owner, Steve DelGiorno, has worked hard to bring third wave artisan coffee locally.

“There was more of a Starbucks mindset at first,” DelGiorno said when referring to customer expectations years earlier. But as the months went on, “our costumers began to transition and desire a higher-level coffee experience. We’re working hard to deliver and meet that higher-level artisan taste.”

There will always be that Starbucks mindset attached to America’s coffee culture, but for those that are open-minded to the possibilities of artisan coffee, their lives can be made brighter by what Crema and Vine has to offer.

The artisanship doesn’t end with coffee. One of Crema and Vine’s more popular aspects is their high-quality wine section.

“People love the wine section,” said DelGiorno. “There’s a group that comes in sometimes that work at the hospital. They come here after their night shift. 7 a.m. for them is dinner time and they just want to relax with a glass of wine after a hard night’s work,” he continued.

Morning and night, Crema and Vine gives those in the community the freedom of a quality experience that fits their schedule.        

Crema and Vine’s accomplishments in spite of the pandemic are undoubtedly impressive. DelGiorno has attributed some of their success to the place’s patio.

“Not knowing the future would be COVID and the huge quick trend of eating outside, it was a blessing to have our covered patio,” said DelGiorno.

There has been recent expansions to the patio, including a 17 foot overhead heating, and soon there will be a perimeter air cooled misting system which will bring the temperature down 15-20 degrees; not only making outside seating warm and pleasant during the cold winters, but refreshing and enjoyable during the peak of Virginia’s summer heat.

With Crema and Vine’s growing popularity, the wine bar and coffee shop’s team will be able to expand to a second location in Danville, aptly named Crema Express. The location of this new branch will not be known for another few months, but it is confirmed to be in a primary Danville location. Crema Express is proposed to be a distilled version of Crema and Vine, honing in on the artisan work Danvillians have come to love.

With what Crema and Vine has already delivered, there are high hopes from the Danville-Pittsylvania community for its continued success and growth. In many ways, Crema’s iconic building, once a broken-down Exxon gas station but now a tasteful modern community meeting place, is a metaphor that speaks to the changing face of Danville; a city once forgotten to the industrial past, now finding new life in sustainable, beneficial, and forward thinking enterprises.

It is no doubt that Crema and Vine will play a vital role in Danville’s future goals as a new and unique city in Southern Virginia.   

Staff Writer

Tom Dixon is a staff writer for the Star-Tribune. Tom graduated from Longwood University and is a Chatham native.

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