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UDPATE 7:40 p.m.: Project Director Bill Shreve confirmed that Chatham’s Public Works will be cutting off the town’s water towers in an effort to reach and repair a broken water line on Carter Street. 

According to Shreve, efforts at shutting valves to stop the flow of water into the broken Carter Street line have not worked, due to some of the valves having aged or being faulty. 

“The valves aren’t holding,” Shreve said. “Our best scenario was to cut off the towers to eliminate the source of water into the town.” 

Shreve said he hopes the water will not be shut off for more than two hours. Efforts to drain the hole in Carter Street and patch the line are underway. 

Once the water is restored, Shreve advises that people will need to run their water for 15-20 minutes to get air out of the pipes. 

Original Story: A water line has broken on Carter Street in Chatham, and a public works official says that some residents could be without water for as many as two hours. 

According to Inframark Project Manger Bill Shreve, public works in the process of shutting down the water flow to the break so the broken line can be serviced. 

The Carter Street pipe, however, is part of a water loop, and while two valves have been shut off so far, the water has continued to flow. 

Shreve reported that public works will be shutting off two more valves soon, and that these shutoffs could leave "quite a few" Chatham residents without water. 

"We're working on getting it fixed as fast as possible," Shreve said. 

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