Bradley Prillaman

Danville Community College Coordinator of Academic Advising Bradley Prillaman was named to EAB's Student Success Innovation Council earlier this year.

Prillaman, who was recently promoted from director of academic planning and student engagement, has been instrumental in the research and deployment of EAB's SOFTWARE on DCC's campus.

The College's strategic partnership with EAB, formerly the Education Advisory Board and headquartered in Washington, D.C., has produced numerous yields, all for the benefit of DCC's students.

The Student Success Collaborative is a partnership of more than 550 colleges and universities working together to improve student outcomes and the student experience. Partners of the Collaborative use EAB’s Student Success Management System, Navigate, a comprehensive technology that brings together administrators, faculty, advisors and staff to support students from enrollment to graduation and beyond.

DCC was one of the first community colleges to adopt Navigate.

Virginia’s other community colleges soon followed in deploying Navigate on their campuses, with DCC playing a key role in providing insight and training to other schools in the Virginia Community College System.

DCC's work with Navigate has been featured in several case studies provided to the SSC.

DCC was asked two years in a row, in 2018 and 2019, to present implementation techniques and results from Navigate strategies and interventions including Navigate Alert, connecting students to campus resources, and academic planning at EAB's annual CONNECTED conference.

For the last six years, CONNECTED has been lauded as the leading conference dedicated to student success. What keeps leaders coming back is the opportunity to learn from experts and peers across the spectrum of higher education: Community colleges, R-1 institutions, publics, privates, small colleges, large universities and more. There is no other convening like it.

Prillaman joined the eighth class of the EAB Student Success Innovation Council, which hosted a virtual kickoff event Tuesday, Sept. 8, and continues to meet throughout the 2020-2021 academic year. 

This year, the council consists of approximately 20 members and offers colleges a forum to engage with EAB Technology leadership, network with likeminded leaders at other institutions and work collaboratively to drive the EAB student success strategy and roadmap.

DCC will also participate in EAB user testing activities and other types of research and feedback opportunities.

“We believe that our plans are best informed by the experience and expertise of individuals like Mr. Prillaman,” said David Bevevino, senior director of partner experience at EAB.

This appointment gives a voice and representation to DCC’s students on a national stage in shaping the future of educational technology.

“Serving in this capacity is not only humbling in recognition of my expertise, but also reaffirms DCC’s rightful position as a leader in higher education,” Prillaman said. “The insights gleaned from myself and my cohort over the next year and beyond will help shape the direction of the Student Success Collaborative for years to come and that is something I take very seriously.”

Danville Community College is a two-year institution of higher education under the state-wide Virginia Community College System. DCC's service area includes the City of Danville, Pittsylvania County and Halifax County.

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