Darrell W. Dalton

CHATHAM, Va. — The supervisor seat for the Callands-Gretna District is up for grabs in the upcoming November election. Current Supervisor Ben L. Farmer won’t be running for another term, but local Darrell W. Dalton believes he is the right man to represent his district.

“I have retired from the county after 31 years and I feel like I have made a difference,” he said. “I would like to step up in another category and make a difference in that. That’s the reason I am running for the Board of Supervisors.”

Pittsylvania County is governed by a seven-member board of supervisors, each of which is elected by district to four-year terms.

Mr. Dalton and his wife Ms. Jennifer Dalton have two children, Jesse and Samuel. If elected, he would focus on education, law enforcement, fire and rescue as well as economic development. As a cow-calf beef producer, he understands agriculture and wants to support farmers. He believes that solar farming gives the people an opportunity to make a better income.

“The largest industry we have right now is agriculture and forestry, and I want to make sure we take care of them,” he said. “They are very important in everything we do on a daily.”

While Mr. Dalton worked for the Pittsylvania County as Assistant Director of Public Works, he worked hard to keep everyone comfortable year-round and believes his knowledge of the area and residents will help him make a difference.

“I know majority of the county staff and I feel like I can make a difference for them,” he said. “I have the county at heart and I want to represent voters to the best of my abilities.”

Members of the Board of Supervisors are responsible for appointing the County Administrator and making policy decisions for the county.

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