Proposed peak power station

Dominion Energy proposed the power station in November 2019.

Dominion Energy announced today that they will not be completing their proposed power station project at the Southern Virginia Megasite at Berry Hill, located in Pittsylvania County.

In November 2019, Dominion announced their intentions to build a $200 million peaking plant, which would provide power to the grid to fulfill energy demands during high usage periods.

Now, the company says they no longer believe it is possible to build the units planned in Pittsylvania County, “despite the economic and reliability benefits for our customers.”

The proposed plant would have allowed Dominion to respond quickly to a need for power for grid stabilization and reliability. With two simple cycle natural gas, fuel oil backup combustion turbines totalling 500 megawatts, the plant could have provided power to approximately 125,000 homes.

“We plan to conduct a further reliability study to determine how best to move forward to maintain the around the clock service our customers need,” the company said in a release.

The proposed plant was slated to be located on Lot 7 in the megasite, due in part to its proximity to the Williams Transco gas line.

The project was expected to provide an anticipated $1.4 million in local tax revenue on the first day of service.

Even still, Dominion said reliable service remains their focus as they increase renewables to serve their customers with more clean and renewable energy. They are planning to conduct a reliability study to ensure proper planning to meet those needs.

“We look forward to continued discussions with Pittsylvania County and the City of Danville on economic development efforts and should the right situation arise, we hope to work with their leadership again in the future,” the release said.

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