BookEnds organization provided every child at Park Avenue Elementary School with a brand new book with their first check from the Glass4Good glass recycling program funded by the O-I Glass Company. Glass4Good is a partnership between O-I Glass Company, United Way and the City of Danville. Glass from the recycling bins throughout Danville is recycled at O-I’s Danville plant and proceeds are donated to the United Way for distribution to a local nonprofit.  Drop off your glass in one of the bins to be a part of this wonderful program to help students read at grade level by third grade.

DANVILLE, Va. — The idea behind Glass4Good, a pilot glass recycling program rolling out at O-I Glass plants in the U.S., is that recycling glass is a win-win-win – a win for keeping glass packaging in the manufacturing stream, a win for helping communities recycle and reduce environmental impact and a win for community support groups who are benefitting from financial donations tied to Glass4Good.

The pilot program at O-I’s plant in Danville is among the first to get off the ground. Glass collection bins are set up around the city. Families drop their glass bottles and jars into the bins, those glass containers are processed and come back to the O-I plant to be created into new glass containers. In the first six weeks of the pilot program at the Danville facility over 96,000 pounds of recycled glass was collected.

Did you know recycled glass is typically the main ingredient used to make new glass? Glass should never be trash. It’s 100% recyclable and infinitely recyclable, making it a valuable and sustainable packaging material. That’s why it’s important that recycled glass comes back to glass packaging makers versus going to a landfill. That’s a win for the planet!

Glass4Good is also structured to create wins in communities through donations from the O-I Charities Foundation. The O-I Charities Foundation makes a series of financial contributions based on the amount of recycled glass collected.

“We recognize the uniqueness of needs in each community where we operate, so we are working closely with plants, local municipalities, and exploring non-profit organizations to identify where we can make the most impact,” explains Elizabeth Hupp, O-I’s Community Relations Specialist. In Danville, O-I is partnering with the United Way of Danville-Pittsylvania County. The UW chose to support BookEnds’ reading program for kids with Glass4Good funding. BooksEnds received its first donation in August.

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