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Pittsylvania County leaders are committed to finding a productive and mutually beneficial resolution with Franklin County regarding funding and coverage area for the Cool Branch Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad, both of which are based and primarily funded by Pittsylvania County but run the majority of their calls in Franklin County. Negotiations are ongoing as both governments and the two Cool Branch departments continue to propose and evaluate potential solutions.

"As the elected officials representing the Pittsylvania County constituents, some of the Penhook community, and the Cool Branch departments, we remain committed to finding a fair solution as quickly as we can," said Ben Farmer, Supervisor for the Callands-Gretna District where the Cool Branch Departments are located. "We have made significant progress and are continuing to have fruitful discussions with Franklin County and the Cool Branch departments in this matter." 

These negotiations started nearly a year ago when Pittsylvania County leaders requested that Franklin County increase its annual contributions and financial support for the two Cool Branch volunteer departments, which protect the Penhook community of both counties. 

Pittsylvania County and Franklin County have collectively asked the two Cool Branch volunteer departments to provide their past few annual budgets, projections of future capital needs, and other financial documentation. The two County Administrators and Attorneys are working together to draft solutions to present to the Board of Supervisors for both counties. 

“This Board of Supervisors is committed to providing adequate funding to our volunteer stations, which play such a crucial role in protecting our residents,” said Bob Warren, Chairman of the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors. “Protecting public safety is one of the government’s primary roles, which is why Pittsylvania County is determined to ensure Cool Branch has adequate funding from both localities that it protects.”

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