The Rotary Club of Chatham inducted three new members at its meeting Tuesday, March 2. From left to right are Justin Price, Marilyn Waller, Nick Morris and Brent Weinkauf.

At their meeting on Tuesday, March 2, the Rotary Club of Chatham welcomed three new members: Justin Price, the director of the Pittsylvania County Department of Parks and Recreation; Marilyn Waller, the Community Engagement Coordinator for Haven of the Dan River Region at their Chatham office; and Brent Weinkauf, director of the Pittsylvania Pet Center. All three new members have been attending meetings and participating in Club activities, including the Thanksgiving Dinner meal distribution last November.

"We are happy to welcome Justin, Marilyn and Brent, who all bring new ideas and energy to the club," said President Nick Morris.

The Chatham Rotary Club had to cancel its annual fundraiser last year due to the pandemic, but the club has remained active, meeting in person and virtually on Tuesdays at the Chatham Community Center.

With appropriate pandemic precautions, over the past year the Club has provided emergency food relief to families in need last spring, served 250 Thanksgiving meals to go in November, delivered dictionaries to every third grade student in the county and continued to provide support for college scholarships and to other community organizations throughout the year. Club members are working with God's Storehouse, local churches, and the Chatham Rotary Foundation to expand God's Storehouse food pantry operations into the county.

"We are actively looking at ways to continue building our community in the year ahead, and Justin, Marilyn and Brent will be a part of that effort," said Morris.

The Rotary Club of Chatham was established in 1939 and meets Tuesdays at noon at the Chatham Community Center. Anyone interested in joining is invited to attend a meeting, speak to a Club member, or visit the Club's website at chathamrotaryclub.com

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