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At approximately 8:15 AM, the Danville Police Department was notified and responded to reports of a potential social media threat to George Washington High School.  The initial response included extra uniformed personnel partnering with Danville Public Schools employees and security to ensure the safety of everyone at the school and arriving via buses or personal vehicles.

Additional security measures were added as the school delayed entry, then allowed everyone inside.  All students are safely in class at this time.  After completing searches, no evidence has been identified to validate this potential threat that originated via social media.  

Danville police investigators are working to back track the source of the potential threat to George Washington High School.  At this point, the investigation is continuing but investigators are interviewing what is believed to be the first person to start sharing information of a threat on social media, and it cannot be validated that this individual ever actually saw or heard a threat at all.

Additional police personnel beyond the normal school resource officers will continue to partner with the Danville Public Schools throughout the day to ensure the safety of everyone at George Washington High School.  The Danville Police Department takes even the slightest of threats very serious and the co-response with the school today was out of an abundance of caution for the safety of everyone involved.  

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