Farmer, Crump nab seats: County goes Republican; City votes Democratic

Farmer won by 13 votes; Crump beat out a sitting vice-chairman and another challenger.

As of press time Tuesday night, statewide results in the 2017 General Election were incomplete. However, in Pittsylvania County, Republican candidates for state offices carried the vote; while in the City of Danville, Democratic candidates were leading.

In Danville, voters selected Ralph S. Northam for governor with 57.17% of the vote, Justin E. Fairfax for lieutenant governor at 55.87%, and Mark R. Herring for attorney general at 56.94%.

Pittsylvania County voters overwhelmingly chose Republicans Edward W. “Ed” Gillespie for governor, Jill H. Vogel for lieutenant governor, and John D. Adams for attorney general.

Both the city and county supported Republican D.W. “Danny” Marshall for the 14th District of the House of Delegates and Republican Les R. Adams for the 16th District of the House of Delegates, both of whom ran unopposed.

In a tight race for the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors Callands-Gretna District seat, Ben Farmer, endorsed by local Republicans, defeated Barbara Hancock, who was endorsed by Supervisor Ron Scearce and former Supervisor Jerry Hagerman. Both candidates ran an active race, but Farmer edged out with 50.23% of the vote.

Hancock jumped out with an early lead in the Sandy Level Precinct, capturing 59.48% of the vote compared to Republican nominee Ben Farmer with 40.52%. However, as more precincts reported, Farmer took Callands with 52.49% of the vote and Bearskin with 59.29% of the vote. Then Hancock grabbed Climax with 51.35% of the vote. In the end, Farmer took Gretna Precinct with 52.48%, and Hancock won the absentee votes at 53.74%.

Farmer held his victory party at the Olde Dominion Agricultural Complex in Chatham, while Hancock was surrounded by supporters at Mama Rosa’s Restaurant in Gretna.

In the Banister District, Charles Miller, who ran unopposed, and ascended from his seat on the Pittsylvania County School Board to fill Jessie Barksdale’s seat as the new Banister District Supervisor received 1,765 votes and 100% support.

In the Dan River District seat for the Board of Supervisors, incumbent and sitting vice-chairman Joe Davis swept with 2,288 votes, running unopposed and getting 100% of those tallied.

In the Pittsylvania County School Board race, Rev. Raymond Ramsey, who ran unopposed, filled the school board seat vacated by Charles Miller with 1,800 votes at 100%.

Callands-Gretna incumbent and sitting chairman Calvin “Bunky” Doss defeated newcomer Anita Royston with 67.27% of the votes casts, while Royston recieved 32.73%. Doss dominated in all six precincts.

In the Dan River District, political newcomer Cassandra Crump garnered 42.27% of the votes in a three-way race, beating incumbent and sitting vice-chairman Neal Oakes, who received 26.38%, and first time candidate and Republican nominee Gayle Barts, who took 31.35 % of the votes.

In the constitutional offices race in Danville, all four candidates, who ran unopposed, were re-elected to serve another term.

The re-elected candidates for Danville include Danville Sheriff Mike Mondul, Danville Commonwealth Attorney Michael Newman, Danville Treasurer Sheila Williamson-Branch, and Danville Commissioner of the Revenue James Gillie.

It is Mondul’s third term as the head of the sheriff’s department.

Mondul is only the fourth person to hold the office since its inception. He began his first term in 2010.

Newman will also serve his third term for City. Newman first served in the office from 1998 to 2001 and then returned from private practice and served as a Danville City Attorney in 2005. He also served as an Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney in Pittsylvania County from 2001 to 2004.

Williamson-Branch will serve another term as the Treasurer of Danville.

Williamson-Branch’s primary responsibilities include collecting and accounting for revenues for the City of Danville and for the State of Virginia. It is her goal to provide the citizens of Danville with courteous, quality, and professional service.

James M. Gillie will also serve another term as Danville Commissioner of the Revenue. His responsibilities include ensuring that all tangible business and individual personal property is fairly assessed for tax purposes in accordance with the Code of Virginia, administering the City of Danville Business License on all businesses operating within the City in accordance with the City and state codes, providing full-service Virginia State income processing and administering the local meals, short-term rental, and lodging taxes.

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