jones resignation

The Star-Tribune confirmed this afternoon that Danville Mayor and former DPS Director of Maintenance and Operations Alonzo Jones resigned from his position at Danville Public Schools.

While neither DPS nor Jones has made any announcement to the public yet, and while his name and former title are still listed on the Virginia Department of Education website, Jones's name was quietly removed from the DPS personnel website today, sparking questions.

"We don't comment on personnel matters, but I can confirm that Alonzo resigned on Wednesday," DPS Director Anne Moore-Sparks told the Star-Tribune.


The DPS website just yesterday showed that Jones served as Director of Maintenance and Operations, as shown in this screen-grab.


The DPS website today shows a blank space next to the title of "Director of Maintenance and Operations."

Jones served for years as the Director of Maintenance and Operations for DPS.

Officials at this time cannot comment as to what led to Jones's resignation.

This resignation also comes at an inopportune time—the Director of Maintenance and Operations plays an integral role in deciding how DPS will work to keep school buildings clean and sanitized during the upcoming school year amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

DPS just last week voted to approve their back-to-school plan, which is set to start Monday, Nov. 9, and follow a rigorous COVID-19 safety protocol. 

According to the DPS website, this integral role is vacant as it stands, and officials today said they could not confirm any plans to replace Jones in that role.

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