Apex Bail Bonds

Fred Shanks IV opened Apex Bail Bonds in the River District.

A new bail bondsman has opened in Danville’s River District.

Fred Shanks IV looks forward to revamping what he calls an overlooked industry with Apex Bail Bonds.

“I see opening this business as an opportunity to provide a new approach to an industry that is absolutely vital to a community’s health, and at the same time provide a necessary public service,” Shanks said.

A bail bondsman is an extension of a jailer, Shanks explained.

“Once the defendant makes bail, the bondsman has control,” Shanks said noting that under Virginia law defendants have to put up ten-percent of their bond.

Part of the failure of bail bondsmen, Shanks believes, is to inform the public about how they function and what services they provide to the community.

“Bail bondsmen guarantee your Eighth Amendment right to bail. It’s one of the few, very distinct professions mentioned in the Constitution, and the founders clearly believed it to be vital for it to appear in the Bill of Rights,” Shanks said.

Shanks plans to provide a professional, courteous, and passionate service to people in Southside Virginia and beyond.

“In our system, citizens are presumed innocent and, so long as they aren’t a danger to the community, they are guaranteed a constitutional right to bail,” Shanks said.

Shanks founded the business in June and received his first customer on July 5.

As for opening in the River District, “it was a no brainer being next to the jail,” Shanks said.

Located at 509 Loyal Street, Shanks is located across the street from the Danville City Jail.

“It’s booming right now and it’s the center of Danville once again. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that growth,” Shanks said.

After graduating from George Washington High School in 2008, Shanks began working for an insurance agent and found interest in bail bonding.

“To get in the insurance agency business, it can take years to get established. Bail bonding was just appealing to me,” Shanks said.

Shanks is the son of Danville City Councilman Fred Shanks who is a civil engineer and surveyor that owns Shanks Associates, P.C.

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