Gas prices sticker shock

Gas prices last week were $4.25 a gallon. It has since gone up. 

It's hard not to notice that gas prices have gone up again — and in Virginia, the average price for regular unleaded hit a new record overnight, according to Mid-Atlantic AAA. This comes just two months after breaking a 14-year-old record. Today, the Virginia gas price average is $4.26 – up a penny overnight and up a penny over the old record of $4.25, up 11 cents in the past week, up 32 cents in the past month, and $1.35 higher than one year ago.

In Pittsylvania County on Friday, the average cost for a gallon of regular was $4.22, and in Danville it was $4.15, according to AAA.

The Virginia diesel average also set a new record high at $5.56 – up a penny overnight, up 7 cents in the past week, up 60 cents in the past month and $2.56 more expensive than this day a year ago.

The Richmond average remains tied with the all-time record high of $4.25 – flat from yesterday, up 9 cents in a week, up 26 cents in a month and $1.38 from one year ago.

The Roanoke average today has tied the metro area record high of $4.18 set back in March. Today's average is up 15 cents in a week, up 32 cents in a week and $1.30 more than a year ago. 

The national average retail price for a gallon of regular, self-service gasoline also set a new record today, at $4.43 per gallon - up 2 cents overnight, 16 cents in the past week, 35 cents in the past month, and $1.41 higher than one year ago.

Many Virginia metro areas are within a few pennies of tying or breaking their all-time record high gas prices.

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