Chatham Town Council GXX

 Chatham Town Council held its first meeting at the Chatham Fire Station where they approved changes to several fees.

The meeting started with Inframark stating they hired two new part-time operators. With other monthly reports from town, fire and police, they moved into eight resolutions or as Mayor Will Pace joked, “The Irvin Perry show.”

The first was a consideration of hiring additional town staff. One additional administrative staff with salary equal to current assistants wished to be passed. Second was a preliminary approval to removal the four percent credit card fees on official payments through the Chatham Web Site Portal. Third was a preliminary approval to increase penalties for late payment of utility charges from $20 or 10% of the bill to $50 or 25% of the bill, whichever is higher. Next was preliminary approval to increase water turnoff for late payment reconnection fee from $50 to $75. Next was a motion to send two staff to Southern Software training in March with costs not to exceed $5,000 for meals, transportation and lodging. Next was to authorize Inframark to charge the cost of UV system at the wastewater treatment plant to the Maintenance Cap. The last two was a preliminary approval of Ordinance No. 2022.02.14, amended fiscal year budget 2021-2022, and a motion to advertise the amended fiscal year budget 2021-2022.

All matters passed with a 5-0 vote, as Matthew D. Bell was absent.

Last were reports from mayor committees, while no major reports from the members, Pace had something to share. He explained on the way to the meeting, he was involved in a car accident at the intersection of Route 57 and Java Road. He was all right with a few scars below his eye and bruises. He expressed thanks to everyone for their support. Pace put out a statement on the accident a little bit later on his Facebook page.

“At around 5:40 p.m. Monday, I was involved in a two car accident at the Route 57 and Java Road intersection. I was driving west on Route 57 when a car ran through the stop sign and hit the driver side of my car. I am not seriously injured except for some bruises and scrapes on my face. I was coming from Richmond en route to Chatham for the Chatham Town Council meeting. In the end, I was able to attend and preside over the Chatham Town Council meeting. As someone who works in the House of Delegates, I stay in Richmond while the General Assembly is session (January, February and early March). However, on weekends and Chatham Town Council meetings, I drive back to Chatham. I find it essential for me to attend Chatham Town Council meetings even while the General Assembly is in session. Since joining the Chatham Town Council in 2017, I have always driven back and forth to Chatham while I was working in Richmond for the General Assembly session and I will continue to do so. In addition, I plan to do this again for the next Town Council meeting on Feb. 14. There have been way too many accidents on the Route 57 and Java Road intersection. I am fortunate that I was not seriously injured, as things could have been much worse. I hope that action can be taken to reduce the number of accidents that happen at that intersection. I want to give a very special thanks to the first responders and law enforcement who showed up to the scene very quickly. I am very grateful to them. We are very fortunate to have such great people looking out for our community. Thank you all so much. God bless.”

Staff Writer

Zach McKnight joined the Star-Tribune from Wadsworth, Ohio, as a staff writer. Zach earned his bachelor's degree in journalism from Kent State University in Kent, Ohio.

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