Chatham Town Hall

Chatham Town Hall

The town of Chatham wants to use its social media platforms to try and help spur on business.

In the most recent Chatham town council meeting, assistant town manager Nicholas Morris said a new economic incentive plan was in the process of being developed.

He would explain what this plan was.

“It’s a proposed plan designed to accomplish two purposes, to highlight and assist downtown businesses, food trucks, etc. Basically, anyone who has a license in the Chatham corporate limits and to drive people to our social media platforms.”

Morris said most people in the town only use social media when an emergency happens like a power outage or a water line break.

“The idea came about me walking around downtown, running into small business owners and talking about all kinds of things. How do we get the message out? The goal is increase social media following and increase business.”

Morris explains how this plan will work.

“If approved and get budgeted, the town will support a digital coupon (for businesses),” he said. Explaining further, Morris gave an example of a free large coffee to the first 25 people.

Morris also said all one has to do for these offers is to open it up. You don’t have to follow or have an account to be eligible.

“It’s a communication toolkit that should be used for more than emergencies.”

On who this proposed plan would benefit the most, Morris said, “I like to think big, it is designed to be a win-win. It highlights the benefits of working in Chatham. Chatham does not have an economic development office, a lot has been left up to volunteers.”

Because it is still a proposal, the plan still has a long way to go.

“It has to be budgeted through the process of committees. Hopefully started by the new fiscal year. If enough like it, maybe we can get started before that. Definitely hoping by when the new budget starts. If passed, it will be a part of the town’s budget.”

Morris is requesting to the committee $3,000 to $5,000 for the program.

The 2022-2023 budget starts July 1.

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