To the editor,

With regard to the proposed expansion of Medicaid in Virginia, logic says Virginia cannot afford this solution.

Are we prepared for the tax increases that the expansion would demand and for the cuts in funding for necessary services, education, public safety and transportation, for example? 

The federal government is rapidly traveling the road to economic disaster.

It will fall on the Virginia taxpayer to sustain the expansion of Medicaid, which already is 21 percent of our budget and growing at 8 percent per year, already a billion dollars every three years! 

Are we ready for the substantial increases in premiums and ever expanding government and governmental control of our health care?

Government is funded by the taxpayer, who is already overly burdened by incessant, ever-increasing demands.

Senator Bill Stanley is committed to finding Virginia solutions to provide people with affordable health care.

We must support his efforts as he and others think “outside the box” to find solutions that will not weigh even more heavily on the taxpayers who already shoulder too heavy a load.

Dolores Reynolds


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