To the editor:

On Nov. 5, residents of Pittsylvania County will head to the polls to elect a member of the Virginia House of Delegates. When it comes to electing our representative for the 16th District in the House of Delegates, I strongly support Les Adams as he is by far the most qualified person on the ballot for this position.

As our Delegate, Les Adams drafted and passed public procurement legislation directly benefiting small businesses in our region. 

This past session, Les sponsored and passed legislation that would penalize timber theft. This legislation was suggested from a constituent. 

When the Town of Chatham needed help with finding a possible alternative to fix Cherrystone and Roaring Fork Dams, Les sponsored a budget amendment to make that possible. As Mayor of Chatham, I am grateful for his assistance with this.  

Since he was elected in 2013, Les has gained more responsibility in the Virginia House of Delegates such as being the Vice Chairman of the House Science and Technology Committee and being the subcommittee chair that is responsible for appointing and confirming judges. 

As a conservative, Les believes that government should be limited in scope and that the servants we choose to represent us do so with fiscal restraint. That is how he has exercised his votes in the past and how he intends to do so when he is re-elected.

Les Adams has followed the lead of many great citizen legislators from our region including Charles Hawkins, Robert Hurt and Don Merricks. We need a legislator who will represent our values in Richmond and work hard for us behind the scenes, and that person is Les Adams. 

I hope that you will join me in voting for Les Adams for the House of Delegates. We need him back in Richmond!

Will Pace


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