To the editor:

We would like to take this opportunity to ask that you take advantage of the privilege to vote extended to all of us by our forefathers and preserved by our men and women of The United States Armed Forces.

As you consider carefully which candidate to support at the state level, we urge you to vote for our awesome representatives, Senator Frank Ruff and Delegate Les Adams. These men demonstrate the highest level of integrity and responsiveness to the concerns of the citizens in our region. 

Further, in this same spirit of integrity, professionalism and fairness exemplified by Senator Ruff and Delegate Adams, please support, in our opinion, a radical, positive change and departure from the recent past by voting for Kristin Worsham for the Pittsylvania County Commissioner of Revenue.  We believe that Kristin Worsham will ensure that taxation in the county is rendered fairly, accurately and with integrity which will help to move the county in a refreshing and positive direction. We support Kristin’s position which involves re-assessing Pittsylvania County’s tax policies, structure, and administration to determine their real economic impact on businesses, which includes the agricultural sector.  Kristin’s goals are to drive changes in the county’s tax system that encourages growth in the economy and subsequently revenue by encouraging investment by existing businesses together with new business creation.

Please vote for a brighter future and support Senator Frank Ruff, Delegate Les Adams and Kristin Worsham.

Ken and Sherry Moss

Windy Acres Nursery, Inc

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