Banister District Supervisor Jessie Barksdale and I traveled to Richmond on Feb. 18 to meet and talk with Maurice Royster, manager government relations for EQT (Mountain Valley Pipeline).

This meeting was to request Mountain Valley Pipeline to turn the pipeline north up Rt. 29 to the town limits of Gretna with the hope of bringing low-cost natural gas to the citizens, businesses, industrial facilities, the new Centra Medical facility and basically open the town of Gretna up to immense growth.

I had already become aware that Mr. Royster had emailed officials here in Pittsylvania County about changes in the pipeline direction, but wished this to be kept quiet until Feb. 18.

Needless to say, Mr. Royster was polite, and indicated our political figures could perhaps help our cause.

The town of Gretna is the only town in Pittsylvania County that does not have natural gas.

Mr. Royster promised no other help to us.


I attended the study presentation on the feasibility of recruiting and retaining a vertically integrated poultry complex in Pittsylvania County on Feb. 19 at the Olde Dominion Agricultural Center on U.S. 29 near Chatham.

No one was allowed to speak but supervisors.

The study was performed by BR Bock Consulting Inc. Bert Bock made the presentation.

I don’t know the exact number of attendees, but a fair guess would be around 75 people.

Please check under the Pittsylvania County website and decide for yourself if this is for you, your family, the county and your property.


Supervisors Brenda Bowman, Jessie Barksdale and I attended a presentation about Wendell O. Scott and his life as one of the first black race car drivers.

This was at American National Bank in Danville on Feb. 22 and was attended by at least 100 people, including local politicians, school personnel, and historians.

Many stories were told by older citizens of Danville and the county.

One item of great interest to me was the Birmingham Pledge, which you can get a copy of from the American National Bank or

Note: Many older citizens have talked to me about seeing Mr. Scott working on his race cars near the underpass on Blue Ridge Drive at Gretna. Give me a call if you are one of them. It will make a great story.


On March 5 I attended the legislative breakfast given by Danville-Pittsylvania Chamber of Commerce and our local senators and delegates at Stratford Courtyard Conference Center.

They brought us up to date on things happening in Richmond. Members of the Board of Supervisors attended this.

Jessie Barksdale and I met on March 6 with Del. Les Adams for a working lunch meeting in Chatham to discuss items which are dear to many of our citizens.

It is good to have a delegate who will listen to our concerns and the concerns of our citizens.

Del. Adams and Del. Marshall cannot perform their jobs well unless we inform them about what we need. That goes for our state senators, Bill Stanley and Frank Ruff, too.


My wife and I were invited to the Gretna Rescue Squad annual banquet on March 7. There was great food, and wonderful people doing everything possible to save lives.

Capt. Johnny Adams runs a tight organization and many awards were given out.

We sat at a table with Mr. Daniel Shelhorse of Cotton Patch Road, Gretna, and had a great conversation, and talked with friends from the Climax Fire Department. It was very entertaining.


A bus left Gretna on March 13 enroute to Richmond to show support to the health department for the MRI request by the Centra Gretna facility.

There were approximately 45 (perhaps a few more) people on board.

The presentation to the health department by the Centra attorney was exceptional, and the courtroom had few seats left empty.

The speaker against the MRI was very professional and explained his points very well.

This was a well-conducted meeting and supporters for Centra should be very proud as I was.

Three members of the Board of Supervisors came on the bus — Mr. Barksdale, Mrs. Bowman, and myself. Mr. Elton Blackstock came by private vehicle.

I think I can speak for all who made the trip to Richmond that Centra of Gretna is saving lives and treating illnesses.

Jerry Hagerman represents the Callands-Gretna District on the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors.

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