DANVILLE, Va. — After months of anticipation, the Galileo Falcons received their state championship rings for cross country on Tuesday, Oct. 5, 2021.

Members of the girls’ team were sophomore Carol-Anne Garrett, junior Rowan Kirk, college freshmen Morgan Whitley and college freshmen Christa Zakhary.

Members of the boys’ team were junior Jackson Herndon, junior Alexander Gomez, senior Jamison Mantooth and senior Dylan Kirk. Assistant coach for the 2020-2021 school year, David Thaxton, and coach Mark Bryant also received their state championship rings for their tireless efforts and dedication to the team.

During the ceremony, coach Bryant took a moment to recognize all of the accomplishments that lead this group of runners to victory. He was incredibly proud of each and every runner on the team and especially took time to comment upon the incredible work ethic, perseverance and determination of each team member.

Every runner “set high goals for themselves, and went the extra mile to reach those goals,” said Bryant.

The Falcons have had an incredible year, taking home not one, but two state championships in both indoor and outdoor track despite the challenges caused by the pandemic.

The boys’ cross country team, which is currently ranked first in its division, is hoping to win the state championship in November. The girls are currently ranked third in the state. The majority of the girls team are new runners, and the young Falcons are working to rise through the ranks after graduating so many valuable teammates from last year’s roster.

Hopes are high that the Falcons will be having many more ring ceremonies in the coming years.

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