Pictured from left to right: Tracy Glass Sr. (dad), Tracy Glass Jr. and LaTonya Glass (mom). Behind Tracy is his brother, Tyree Glass.

RINGGOLD, Va. — After helping lead the Wildcats to a Pittsylvania County football title this season, Dan River High School quarterback Tracy Glass Thursday afternoon inked with his dream school to propel his playing career to the collegiate level.

"It was a very great experience to play at Dan River. They guided me in the right direction to take me to the next level," Glass said. "The community really welcomed me from a young age."

Glass first hit the turf at 4 years old, going on to play at Dan River Middle School and Dan River High School. He was born and raised in Pittsylvania County.

"The way the coaches approached me, the school was just very welcoming," Glass said of Shaw University, the HBCU in Raleigh where he will play this coming season. "They reached out to me first. We really connected over the phone, and that's all she wrote."

Glass said he was very close with his cousin, who recently passed away. His cousin also played football at Dan River, and serves as an inspiration for Glass as his career continues to evolve.

"Without my dad guiding me, I probably wouldn't be playing this game," Glass added. "And my mom helped me get my grades right."

The Bears of Shaw University will next see action Sept. 2 at Wingate University in North Carolina.

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