CHATHAM, Va. — After seven years as Hargrave Military Academy’s head soccer and track and field coach, Jeremy Eubank has accepted the position of athletic director and head varsity soccer coach at Chatham Hall.

“I am grateful for the opportunity Hargrave has given me,” Eubank said.

During his time at Hargrave, Eubank helped build and reinforce both Hargrave’s soccer program and track and field program. With soccer, Eubank achieved the United Coaches Association Team GPA and Leadership/Ethics Award, each for five years. Under his guidance, Hargrave soccer held 55 wins in seven seasons. Of these seven seasons, 2016 was the best one, with a record of 16-3-1. That same year was when Eubank was awarded as the best soccer coach in the Virginia Independent Conference (VIC).

Eubank began the track and field programs in 2014 from scratch. He helped lead Hargrave’s program to several championships, eventually leading them to become VIC champions in 2018. The track and field record during Eubank's time was 30-6 altogether with an average of 118 points per meet. In 2018, similar to soccer, Eubank was awarded VIC Best Track Coach of the Year.

Eubank’s reputation is well backed by his achievements and he will be hard to replace. Chandler Pribble, the man hired by Hargrave for a new era of academy athletics seems ready for the task.

“Following what Coach Eubank has built will be challenging, but I am looking forward to getting started with the academy," said Pribble. "We will take a tactical approach to our training and focus on player development on and off the field. I want to build on the foundation that he has established while maintaining a balance on the field.”

While Eubank has set a high bar, it seems that Hargrave is confident in Pribble’s coming leadership.

“Hargrave is in good hands with Pribble,” said Eubank.

Beginning this fall, Eubank has already been considering a plan of action to jumpstart Chatham Hall’s athletic program. Due to COVID-19, Chatham Hall has been unable to compete as competitively as it normally would.

“We would play against ourselves in a scrimmage once a week…[the scrimmages] were really fun at first, but it got kind of old. It seemed like the same game every time,” said Lilly Chappell, local Chatham Hall senior.

This closed-in athletic environment has been something that Eubank has considered.

“I’m coming at a weird time,” Eubank said. “One of my goals is to get students back into a competitive mindset.”

With the nation recovering slowly from the global pandemic, Eubank hopes that this coming athletic seasons will look similar to pre-pandemic seasons and that the girls of Chatham Hall will be able to compete in the Blue Ridge Athletic Conference.

Eubank further mentioned that without knowing Chatham Hall’s athletic program intimately, it’s hard to set any hard goals. He aims to learn the nuances of the program in his first year then find out where he needs to go from there.

Luckily, working in such close proximity to Chatham Hall while at Hargrave, Eubank is already familiar with many of the school’s faculty and staff.

“It won’t be too hard getting to know everyone,” said Eubank.

Staff Writer

Tom Dixon is a staff writer for the Star-Tribune. Tom graduated from Longwood University and is a Chatham native.

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