From left to right are Chatham High School football players Jack Reece, Aidan Hodnett, Tyler Hoffman and Dermont Kyle.

CHATHAM, Va. — Coaches from the Dogwood District met last week to nominate and vote for All-District players.

The players considered superlative by the seven head coaches representing Appomattox, Gretna, Dan River, William Campbell, Nelson County, Chatham and Altavista earned First Team, All-District honors.

Aidan Hodnett earned First Team, All-District honors for his play on the offensive and defensive lines. Hodnett, a sophomore, dominated the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball due to his unique combination of strength, speed, and quickness.

Tyler Hoffman earned First Team, All-District honors at linebacker. Hoffman earned his honor the old fashioned way, with hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Hoffman has excellent practice habits, and those habits translated to all-district play during games.

Freshman Jack Reece earned Second Team, All-District honors on both sides of the ball. Reece, a freshman, played the one technique on defense. His position puts a premium on size, strength, and toughness. He anchored the middle of the defensive line where the fighting is intense, vicious, and constant.

Dermont Kyle earned Second Team, All-District at running back. Kyle was able to navigate the playing field with speed, power, and quickness. His running style left many defenders grasping at air when they tried to put Dermont Kyle on the ground.

Chance Long (defensive end), Zander Cornell (linebacker), Kendall Sanders (cornerback), Jaden Breedlove (cornerback), David Hubbard (linebacker) and Vic Harris (outside linebacker) received honorable mentions at their respective defensive positions.

Yashua Bridgeforth (offensive line), Chance Long (running back), Kendall Sanders (running back), Ethan Riley (Center), Zander Cornell (tight end/ H back), and Victor Hernandez (kicker) received Honorable Mention at their respective offensive positions.

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