EDEN, N.C. — For over nineteen years, the Dan River Basin Association (DRBA) has presented the astounding sights and sounds of nature and stewarded a sense of value for the unique and beautiful natural resources of our watershed by both providing and promoting outdoor recreation opportunities.

Anyone who has ever joined an outing with DRBA on a river or trail knows that the safety of our guests is the number one priority. DRBA also works closely with municipalities and partners throughout the region to ensure the safety of those enjoying our natural resources by providing paddle and hiking safety training, directional signage on bridges that cross waterways, informational signage along trails and at river access points, and thereconstruction – or deconstruction – of infrastructure that poses potential threats to users.

DRBA’s work related to outdoor recreational safety is an ever present goal within the organization, and every year DRBA has initiated and achieved new projects that help safeguard our citizens and visitors.

The recent tragic event on the Dan River highlights that there is still work to be done. To that end, DRBA is inviting its municipal, tourism, outfitters and corporate partners to join a renewed conversation about outdoor recreational safety.

“Every year, thousands of people safely enjoy our outdoor recreational assets because of the collaborative efforts of the organizations and municipalities in our region,” said Tiffany Haworth, DRBA’s Executive Director. “But one tragedy is too many. People and organizations from every corner of the Dan River Basin are reaching out to us and sharing new ideas related to outdoor recreational safety. We want those voices to be heard.” 

DRBA is gathering these ideas and invites its regional partners to convene for a new conversation about outdoor recreational safety.

“No one knows the rivers and trails in our region better than DRBA,” said Robin Yount, Director of the Tourism Development Authority (TDA) in Rockingham County, NC. “We have partnered with DRBA on almost all of our projects related to safety and outdoor recreation. The TDA will definitely be joining this conversation and is committed to working with DRBA to improve the outreach, and enhance the message, of outdoor recreational safety.”

All of the municipalities in Rockingham County, NC and the fifteen other counties that comprise the Dan River Basin are invited to join in this conversation about enhanced outdoor safety.

“DRBA is the expert when it comes to outdoor recreational assets and protecting the environment,” said Cindy Adams, Tourism Director for the City of Eden. “We have worked with DRBA on many projects and we are committed to joining this conversation to ensure we are doing all we can to keep people safe while visiting and enjoying all of the outdoor amenities we have in the City of Eden.”

In addition, corporations and other organizations who value and are dedicated to outdoor recreation are invited to join the conversation.

“Like the rest of the Eden and Rockingham community, we are saddened by the tragic event that took place last week on the Dan River. We certainly want to participate in a community discussion on recreation and safety in and around the river,” said Davis Montgomery, Duke Energy district manager.

Representatives from all municipalities, businesses, outfitters and organizations in the Dan River Basin region who are interested in joining this conversation, please contact the Dan River Basin Association, drba.nc@danriver.org or 336-627-6270. 

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